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· For all international travellers:

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origin trip: Mexico magico !

january 16-24, 2023


Ensambles Cafes Mexicanos is offering an exclusive trip into the sustainable coffee producing coffee world:

10 days of immersion at our bio-dynamic coffee farm El Equimite.

Come learn about coffee from the soil to the cupping lab: practical workshops around regenerative agriculture, bio dynamic and permaculture practices, post-harvest process from picking to drying, and cupping of the fresh 2022/23 harvest.

You will be staying at the ecolodge within the coffee farm, or in a typical Mexican hotel in the nearby town of Coatepec, Veracruz.

Let’s not forget the delicious gastronomy of Mexico: tacos, mole, chilaquiles, pozoles with hot chiles and refreshing mezcal !


the agenda

This is a general agenda; more details will be provided closer to the event. Some days we will go out for music, mezcal and food for an immersion into the Mexican culture!


the accomodation

Option 1

Farm ecolodge El Equimite Casa de Campo.

The Ecolodge is at the doorstep of El Equimite biodynamic farm, with incredible views and peaceful silence of the surrounding mountains. It is made of local materials to inspire peace and reconnection with nature.


the accomodation

Option 2

Hotel in Coatepec, pueblo mágico.

A “pueblo mágico” means magical village, a term used for Mexican towns where traditions and culture have been kept intact for decades and you can live an authentic Mexican experience.



Package at USD 1,600 including:

- All courses, workshops, farm visits

- Most meals* are included except when we go out of the farm (a couple of lunch and dinners outside)

- Transfers between Mexico City and Coatepec, as well as all local transport in Veracruz.

You'll need to add your flight to Mexico City, and the accommodation of your choice.

* For meals, we have vegetarian and vegan options. All the food will be fresh and local, cooked by skilled Mexican chefs.

Contact details for further information and bookings:

For all international travellers:

For Mexican visitors:


Origin trip Mexico january 16-24, 2023

You are registering your interest to participate to a 10-day immersion at our biodynamic coffee farm, El Equimite. The farm is in Coatepec, Veracruz, Mexico. 


The experience costs USD 1,600 per person. This includes all the courses, farm visits, meals when we are at the farm, and all transports. 


In addition you’ll need to pay for the accommodation of your choice on arrival, and meals when we are not at the farm. 


Please note the trip will only take place if we have a group of minimum 10 people. Registrations are open.

Thank you!

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